Happy Anniversary, Cindy!

For days now, I have been planning on writing a blog post featuring the photos that Deborah and I took on our recent trip to Jerome, but, alas, school and life got in the way. I could write it today, but it doesn’t seem appropriate because today would have been my thirtieth wedding anniversary with my beloved Cindy Lee.

On March 5, 1987, Cindy and I, surrounded by her parents, sister, and her supervisor/friend, said our vows at the World Famous Chapel of the Bells in Las Vegas, Nevada. It seemed convenient considering that Cindy was raised Methodist and I Pentecostal. This way religious traditions didn’t get in the way and we lived in Boulder City, so Las Vegas was just a short trip down the road.

My bride was stunning in her wedding dress and I was rocking the gray sports coat and black slacks look. I even managed to do my version of the late-80s feathered back hairstyle.

Our ceremony was performed by an older lady; she was probably between 70 and 200, I would guess, and she kept telling me to get my hands out of my pockets. I’m not sure what her problem was with that; I always put my hands in my pockets when I’m nervous. Sheesh! Cut me a break, after all, it’s my wedding for crying out loud!

For twenty-eight and a half years, Cindy and I lived as man and wife until the Lord decided that her race was done and He called her home at 8:14 a.m. on August 1, 2015. That was eighty-two weeks ago yesterday. A big piece of my heart went with her. There is not a waking second that I do not think of her and miss her horribly. She was my love and truly was my “better half.”

The one thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that we will see each other again someday when the Lord looks down and says, “Tim, you’ve done all you can do; it’s time to come home.” Oh, how I long for that day. While I’m still here, I will do my very best to help others on their journey in this life.

I’m very grateful that God saw fit to give me another chance at love by bringing Deborah into my life and into my world. She’s an incredible lady. She doesn’t replace Cindy and, if roles were reversed, Cindy couldn’t replace Deb. They are two distinct and beautiful ladies who occupy separate, but adjoining places in my heart. I’m a very blessed man.

So, my dear friends, I will try to get those Jerome pics up soon, maybe even tonight, but, for now, I will just say, “Happy anniversary, Cindy. I love you and miss you so much.”

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