I’m Going Back To School!

It seems so weird to say this, but I’m going back to school. I’ll be fifty in a few short months and I just enrolled in a four-year degree program. Is that crazy or what? 

I’ve always loved to learn things. That’s probably why I listen to audio books almost every time I get in the car. As Zig Ziglar once called it, I’m enrolled in “automobile university.” There is just something about learning that gets my motor running. {Pun somewhat intended.)

On Friday, I was looking for that company which offers “career courses” in creative writing and the like, Stratford Career School, and I found their website online so I enrolled in a course in Psychology and Social Work, just for personal enrichment.

While I was looking for them, I came across the Penn Foster College website and I looked it over. It’s a distance learning program which offers career diplomas, associate degrees and bachelor degrees. So, I also enrolled in their program to earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. It seems like it will be right up my alley.

People have differing thoughts on distance education and the like, but I think this is perfect for me. I can study at my own pace and ask for help when I need it. Best of all, since I’m only doing this for me and my personal enrichment, what other people think really doesn’t appear on my radar.

I’m just excited about following another path and seeing where it leads. I’ve already found some other courses and schools I want to look into once this program is done.

It’s an exciting time for me and I’m going to enjoy it.

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