Must Faith Be Blind?

There seems to be a school of thought, in society today, that faith and reason are diametrically opposed. In other words: to embrace faith, one must check his brain (or at least logic) at the door. But is that really so?

Are the sciences incompatible with Christianity?

Can you really believe in a divine creator of the universe and in scientific theory?

These are all great questions and ones that I want to explore. For too long, Christianity has shied away from these types of tough questions. The common response was “you just have to have faith.” I agree that one needs faith, but that doesn’t mean that one has to have blind faith. It is entirely possible for faith and reason to exist in the same brain.

Over the next few weeks, I will be working on and presenting a series of articles that will tackle some very tough questions that non-Christians often ask and many sincere Christians ponder as well. Some of these questions are:

How do you know that God exists?

Doesn’t science disprove the Bible?

Aren’t there a lot of contradictions in the Bible? How can you trust it anyway?

If there is a loving God, why does he allow suffering in the world?


In the past, the statement above has been used by well-meaning Christians who just didn’t have a better answer when faced with tough questions. It is definitely true that the Lord is mysterious, but we can know much about his plans and works and we don’t have to rely on that old cliche as much anymore.


Do you have specific questions or challenges you would like me to address in this series? If so, use the form below to send them to me. I will do my best to answer every question I can. Questions which are disrespectful or blasphemous will be discarded. Ask away, but keep it kind and keep it clean.

May God bless you richly.

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